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If you need assistance with your situation feel free to call Carlos Ramos directly at 916-913-9996. 

Are you looking for a labor lawyer in Sacramento, California?


The labor market in the United States, and in many other parts of the world, is going through very complex times that can produce conflicts of all kinds between employers and employees.


But, the legality must always be present to establish, in the clearest way possible, both the duties and the rights of each one of them.


If you are going through a conflict with your employer in Sacramento, but you are not clear about what you should do in that situation or you recognize that your rights are being violated, it is time to seek the help of a specialist in labor law.


There are certain situations in which it is recommended to seek the assistance of an expert lawyer in labor law:

1.- Unjustified dismissal

An unjustified dismissal occurs when the worker is interrupted by the continuity of his work period, failing to comply with the terms of the contract or the labor law itself.


It may be the case that the worker is fired or forced to resign. The resignation of a job is an act that must be exercised in complete freedom of action and not by blackmail.

2.- Violation of hours, wages and fair conditions

Some employers, especially small business owners, sometimes do not clearly understand the correct way to act with respect to compliance with hours, working conditions and wages in their company.


They impose additional work without a fair financial reward, expose their employees to inhumane working hours and conditions that can endanger their health, or handle compensation free of any logic for their own benefit.


In situations like these, it is necessary to demand compliance with clear rules that guarantee adequate compensation and the safety of the affected workers.

3.- Sexual Harassment

If you have received unwelcome or unwanted sexual advances, emails, text messages, jokes or comments from your employer, you may be a victim of sexual harassment.


In this kind of harassment it is also possible to suffer some kind of direct physical or verbal aggression of a sexual nature. In any case, the legal specialist will offer you the references on the ways to act for this type of scourge towards you.

4.- Labor discrimination Discrimination

exists when a person is demoted, not admitted or expelled from work activity for reasons of race, gender, age, religion, nationality, pregnancy or other health reasons, marital status, among other reasons.


The laws of the United States and California are strict on this matter. Therefore, if you notice that the conditions of work, or access to it, are different for you for one of the reasons mentioned above, it is best to go soon in search of the appropriate guidance.

5.- Retaliation

The judicial system feeds on complaints of all kinds to be aware of situations that affect people's rights. When a worker reports an irregularity in his workplace, sometimes the employer takes illegal action against him.


But, as a worker, you have important legal protections that you must master and demand in the event that any kind of retaliation is taken against you for reporting incorrect labor practices.


There are multiple reasons to seek the support of an employment lawyer in Sacramento. Some of these situations are:


  • Unjustified dismissal, violating the law or the employment contract.

  • Violation of schedules, wages and working conditions that affect the health of the worker.

  • Sexual harassment, whether direct or indirect.

  • Labor discrimination for reasons of race, religion, age, gender, among others.

  • Retaliation for reporting abuse or illegal situations in the workplace.


At Carlos Andrés Ramos Attorney at Law we will study your case to offer you specialized advice to help you clearly recognize your rights or we will represent you in the event that the employer refuses to comply with the precepts of the law.


Contact us now through any of our service channels, we will offer you a personalized and reliable service to solve that situation that keeps you uncomfortable in your work space.

If you need assistance with your situation feel free to call Carlos Ramos directly at 916-913-9996. 

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