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Criminal Defense Attorney in Sacramento

Criminal Defense Attorney in Sacramento - California

Learn how a criminal defense attorney in Sacramento California can help you.

Do you have criminal charges and/or are you looking for a criminal defense attorney in Sacramento - California to help you in the process?

Criminal offenses are the most delicate cases in the entire legal system, since in the state of California their penalties can trigger up to life imprisonment, in the worst case and possible lifelong repercussions or blemishes on your record.

Therefore, having the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney or criminal defense lawyer will provide you with important advantages from the beginning, especially due to the strategies and game plan that he has over the prosecutors in the matter.

Often times the victory over a sentence is based more on the details and the ways of operating that the justice system has, than on the very substance of any law.

Therefore, once a person obtains criminal charges against him, it is best to seek the assistance of a good criminal defense attorney in Sacramento.

Types of criminal charges

Within the field of criminal defense, not all offenses have a prison sentence, since everything depends on the type of offense committed. In the state of California these offenses are classified as: Felonies, Misdemeanors and Infractions.

Among the felonies crimes are those that come from violent acts against a person or property and are paid in state prisons. This includes deaths, injuries to third parties, sexual assaults and robberies.

In the case of misdemeanors, they usually have sentences of up to one year in county jails, which can be accompanied by fines. This includes committing acts of vandalism, prostitution, theft, among others.

On the other hand, the infractions often do not require prison sentences, but rather the payment of fines and the exercise of some type of community service. Most charges for reckless driving are grouped into this classification.

However, there are many examples of cases that have been determined as misdemeanors and that, due to their aggravated condition, end up with sentences similar to or greater than those of a felony.

An expert criminal defense attorney will be of great help in determining the quality of the crime being charged, as well as creating a strong defense based on legality that provides the most favorable consequences for the accused, such as the reclassification of the offense.

What is the role of a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

To face a situation of this nature, you need to fully understand the depth of the problem, its possible consequences, as well as find the most effective legitimate responses so that you can get out in the best possible terms.

The lawyers of Carlos Ramos Noble Criminal Defense Attorney, have recognized experience in criminal or criminal defense in many California counties. Therefore, they will be invaluable allies through whom you will receive advice that facilitates understanding of the charges and the situation in general, as well as a defense under the most optimal means of resolution depending on your case.

You can get help and benefit greatly from hiring a Criminal defense attorney if the charges are for drugs, domestic violence, sexual offenses, motor vehicles, personal injury, driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), weapons, or any other criminal offense regardless of its type. For minor or serious offenses, our assistance is second to none at every stage of the process, from arraignment to handling hearings and trials.

In addition if your case gets involved in investigations, there is the possibility of improper handling of evidence and that can lead to an unfair sentence. Therefore, we do not leave any aspect uncovered because justice must maintain its credibility through transparent management.

We can also establish agreements with the prosecutor's office and file petitions before the state courts that benefit our clients.

What to do in if you are arrested on criminal charges?

The first thing is to understand that the police forces, although they are agents of justice, at that moment are not on your side. Therefore it is imperative to make use of the rights established in the legislation so that anything you say is not used against you.

Thus, faced with the imminent possibility of arrest:

  1. Request the assistance of a reliable lawyer. You can hire Noble Criminal Defense in Sacramento.

  2. Remain silent, do not say anything until your lawyer begins to assist you.

After that, the lawyer will define the context of the accusations and the ideal courses of action for your case, as well as compliance within the guidelines of due process. This gives you rights of defense before the justice system can completely restrict your freedom, take away your property or carry out other forms of punishment.

If you suspect that there is the possibility of being charged with a crime of this order, do not hesitate to request the help of a lawyer in advance since there are constitutional protections defined in the 4th amendment whose domain is favorable to searches and seizures that lack support.

Other Consequences for Immigrants Facing Criminal Charges Criminal

Offenses can have consequences for immigrants, as the person convicted can be approved for deportation, denied entry to the United States, and made naturalization under federal law impossible.

Such is the case of accusations for crimes of moral turpitude, aggravated crimes, handling of controlled substances, firearms and domestic violence.

If this is the case, the lawyers at Carlos Ramos Attorney will seek to activate other types of legal protections that prevent the execution of any of these mechanisms.


Criminal acrs are not usually the domain of individuals, since they are often situations that occur as part of an eventuality or you were blatantly wrongfully accused. But, these are very serious problems that must be treated with total efficiency to prevent or reduce fatal consequences.

Therefore, the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney within Sacramento California will provide you with important benefits for the resolution of the problem.

Whether it is major crimes, misdemeanors or infractions, the lawyer will help you through:

  1. Advice for a full understanding of the situation.

  2. Investigation on compliance with due process and all legal mechanisms.

  3. Establishment of agreements with the prosecution.

  4. Requests for dismissal of elements before the court for the determination of failures in the process.

  5. Most appropriate defense at each stage of the process, depending on the case.

  6. Activation of additional protections.

In the event of an impending arrest, you should remain silent until you have the assistance of your attorney.

If you have a situation of this type, the lawyers at Noble Criminal Defense/Carlos Ramos Attorney at Law will be the most reliable allies in the process, as we will help you resolve the situation in the best possible terms with the greatest guarantees of protection for you.

Some people decide to give up a good defense because they think they cannot afford the expenses, but if you consult now we can establish payment agreements that fit your budget.

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