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When to Hire a Stockton, CA Criminal Defense Attorney?

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

When to Hire a Stockton, CA Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you facing criminal charges in Stockton, CA and not sure whether or not to hire a criminal defense attorney?

Many people are involved in criminal situations and, even so, they choose to exercise their defense themselves. Criminal offenses are very sensitive and if you do not have the proper knowledge and expertise, it will be very difficult for you to achieve good results.

Criminal defense attorney is a criminal law specialist who is charged with representing the accused in a criminal trial. This professional also knows how to work with prosecutors and judges to negotiate the case; something essential to achieve the best possible resolution.

A common misconception is that a criminal defense attorney represents people who have been charged with a crime and are awaiting trial. A criminal defense attorney can be hired before, during or after the case has started.

The following article will provide you with some ideas on when you should consider hiring a criminal defense attorney in Stockton, CA.

1.- When you need to know the real status of your case

If you have been arrested or you suspect that this will happen, it is best to immediately seek the advice of a good criminal defense attorney. This will give you a real picture of the situation before you talk to the police.

If the case is already advanced,a Stockton criminal defense attorney can offer you legal advice on the best ways to deal with.

It will also inform you about the consequences of different courses of action in order to help you take the appropriate measures. The criminal justice system is complicated and it can be difficult to understand the necessary steps you need to take on a case-by-case basis.

This professional is able to take not only what the law specifies, but to give it the proper interpretation. In addition, he will take into account the way in which the police forces, courts and prosecutors act, of which he has mastery due to his experience.

If you act before going to trial, you will seek dismissal of the charges, even entering the plea bargaining process. This is the advantage of approaching the case with a lawyer from the beginning.

2.- When you need to exercise your defense before a trial

The specialist lawyer will exercise your defense in case you have to go to trial. They will be by your side throughout the process, verifying that each of the legal guidelines is complied with and that all your rights are taken into account.

Also, he will expose your case before the jury or the court, showing the best arguments to achieve the most optimal resolution possible to the legal situation you face. In any case, he will seek a sentence completely in your favor or the reduction of the sentence, as well as the time in prison.

3.- When you must appeal a decision

In case of having an unfavorable and inadequate resolution according to the facts, this specialist will support you in the appeal process so that the case is reconsidered in a new instance.

These are very complicated processes and at this point the stress load of the accused may prevent him from exercising an optimal defense. In criminal cases, what is at stake is not only your freedom, but also economic and moral aspects.

The assistance of a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience of criminal cases, will offer not only greater peace of mind to the accused, but also certainty that the most beneficial actions possible for the best resolution are undertaken.

4.- Other situations

Criminal defense attorneys can also be hired by people who have been subpoenaed to testify in court as regular witnesses or as experts on a topic related to the case, such as police procedure or ballistic evidence.


A criminal defense attorney is a specialized professional not only based on knowledge of the law, but also on its interpretation and with respect to handling prosecutors and courts.

When faced with these types of charges, a person may think that simply knowing the law will help them deal with them.

So considering that these are problems that threaten your freedom and future well-being, it is best to hire a professional who has complete mastery of this kind of process.

Ideally, it should happen from the beginning of the process, especially if you are suspected or have just been arrested, since at this time it is feasible to work on dismissing the charges.

However, it is possible to do it in any phase, but each one with different results.

When you need a criminal defense attorney, it is important to know what you are looking for. There are many types of law firms out there and it can be difficult to find the one that best suits your needs.

The team of professionals at Carlos Ramos Attorney At Law will act immediately and assertively to resolve any serious or misdemeanor that you are facing. You just have to contact through any of their service channels.

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