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Why hire a lawyer if you have been charged with DUI in Sacramento, CA - Stockton, CA

Why hire a lawyer if you have been charged with DUI?

Have you been charged with the crime of driving under the influence (DUI) in Stockton, California?

Driving under the influence is considered by many to be one of the most serious traffic offenses in the country. If you are found to have driven in Stockton, CA under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both, you can go to jail and face heavy fines.

However, there are ways to fight to have your penalties reduced accordingly or released as soon as possible. A qualified criminal defense attorney can help you navigate these complex waters and give you a fighting chance to win your case.

So here we are going to take a quick look at why it may be beneficial to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney if you have been arrested for DUI in Stockton - California.

The type of sentence you expose yourself to

A sentence of this type will follow you for the rest of your life. The consequences of a first offense are significant and only get worse if there is a second or third time, even more so if there are injuries or deaths.

The penalties in California for this crime carry fines ranging from $390 to $5,000 and imprisonment that can even reach life imprisonment. It is a delicate situation that must be handled by experts, since the stakes are high.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you navigate these frightening waters, preventing you from drowning in a case treated unfairly through ignorance of the law or mishandling by the court system.

Verifying that your rights are taken into account

The first step in a DUI case should be to find out what rights you have as a defendant. When you are arrested for driving under the influence, you will likely be questioned by the arresting officer.

This will ask if you have been consuming alcoholic beverages and you will be subjected to a chemical test to determine if you were under the influence of this or other substances at the time of the incident.

The arresting officer will likely explain the process of the case to you and inform you of the possible penalties you may face, should you be found guilty.

Throughout the procedure and the case in general, your rights must be respected.

The expert criminal defense lawyer will ensure that they are taken into account and will defend you in a timely and assertive manner against bad practices committed by the police or prosecutors.

Evaluating the validity of the evidence

If you have been arrested for DUI in Stockton, you should understand that this does not necessarily mean that you will be found guilty when your case goes to court.

It is common for prosecutors who have accused drivers of operating their vehicle under the influence to find very weak or questionable evidence during the investigation or field test.

This is why hiring an attorney is so important. An experienced criminal defense attorney can challenge the validity of the evidence.

Determination that the case is in fair legal course

While the goal of a criminal case is to find the defendant guilty and put him behind bars, the system is also intended to ensure that he receives a fair trial.

This means that if the arresting officer was wrong in his conclusion, this can be proven at trial.

So if there was a flaw in the way the case was handled or if the officer did not follow proper procedure, then this could impact the validity of the case.

A criminal lawyer will be able to show that the case is not valid, this can be taken into consideration at trial and help you win the case.

Finding the best way to deal with the case

There are many ways to deal with a case and it will all depend largely on your personal situation. If you are in good standing with the law and have nothing to hide, you can try to get the case dismissed or negotiate a settlement.

So if you are facing a DUI charge, consulting with a criminal defense attorney will definitely help you find the best way to deal with the case.


Driving under the influence is a serious crime that can end badly for the defendant. If you are facing a DUI charge in Sockton, it is urgent to find a skilled and well-trained attorney who can help you get the best out of the case.

A criminal defense attorney will be your great ally to fight against the charges imposed by DUI, proving that the evidence is flawed or that you have been falsely accused.

He will help you find the best way to deal with the case, whether by trying to get the charges dismissed or negotiating a plea deal with the arresting officer.

Hiring an attorney early in the process will save you trouble and increase your confidence by reducing the stress levels that are so natural at this time.

The criminal defense attorney Carlos Ramos is a reliable and expert professional who will act immediately to preserve guarantees of your rights and exercise the most optimal solution to the legal conflict you face in Stockton - California.

Call right now through the number 916-913-9996 or request a consultation through the form on the website.

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