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How an aggressive attorney can help your drug charges

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

The majority of people don’t go about trading drugs for a living, but this does not cancel out the fact that there are people who have depended on it as a means for survival. In addition, individuals have had to make a particular decision due to their current situation. For instance, you could imagine a law-abiding citizen who would not want to abide by the law of the land dealing in drugs on days that it becomes difficult to make ends meet. It might be their first time of breaking the law for this kind of people, but no one can guarantee them that they can be successful on their first deal.

Certain things should be explained to people in seminars so that drug dealing or trafficking would not be an option. In the same way, other crimes have different charges, and any fellow found trafficking drug or dealing might face the various drug charges if convicted of the crime. Depending on what you have been convicted of, there are several counts or charges even under drug trafficking. For example, a fellow can be found guilty of possessing illicit drugs, distributing harmful drugs or even the intention of distributing, synthesizing or manufacturing or selling harmful substances to the public.

Possible drug charges

Depending on the situation, drug charges could be acceptable, usually a stipulated amount of money depending on what amount of drug was found in your possession. On the other hand, it could be a jail term ranging from months to years which would also be determined by the amount of drug found in your possession. In other cases, the charges might not be too serious than observing community service for a period, and the period is usually determined by the judge ruling on your case. You must know that no matter what the drug charges, the penalty can be waived by getting a good lawyer to argue your case. Meanwhile, not only does your lawyer have to be good but also experienced.

In some situations, you might not face the general charges so that you get punished by what is referred to as personal penalties. For example, if you are a student that belongs to a particular school, then you have every right to expect suspension or expulsion if found guilty of drug dealing. If you belong to a sporting team, you can suffer suspension if found guilty of possessing illicit substances. The various charges deal with people differently depending on the individual in question, and a professional might lose license for possessing illicit substances.

Leveraging on facts

The various charges could be reduced, or an individual might not need to face the wrath of the law.Specific facts make a difference, and you must always confide in your lawyer so that he or she can figure a way out. The drug class always matters since some drugs have been found to be harmful more than others and would need to be considered based on their weight. If your lawyer can prove that your intentions of the drug are not to support what is prohibited by the law, you can be sure that you would get a fair judgement. If you are a first-timer, there is every possibility that you get a fair hearing, unlike those that have been accused severally.

How do you help your attorney to win?

No matter the situation, you are always entitled to a defence attorney to represent you if you are accused of drug possession. Facing several drug charges does not signify the end of your freedom, at least if you have an aggressive lawyer by your side who would always want to win. However, if you are in a situation that you have been summoned or arrested for dealing with drugs, you would need to take some steps not to give your lawyer any tough time to help you out. Never make some mistakes whenever you are facing drug trafficking charges. It might not help your case at all.

One of the demeanour that you should put on seriousness, you should not joke with any accusation of drug dealing even if you are right and convinced that you don’t have any skeletal in your cupboard. If you are the type who loves to handle situation single-handedly, then don’t consider that option in any drug-dealing case. Always make sure that your first step is getting a defence attorney to help you with the matter. Avoid making statements with law enforcement officers if your lawyer is not on seat.Meanwhile, it would be best if you did not hurriedly decide on the choice of attorney. Ensure that you are selecting an experienced defence attorney who has travelled through that path severally with a record of success.

Defence attorney strategies

The service of an experienced attorney is like a lifeline to get you out of drug charges, you might not have a lawyer before being accused, but you are entitled to one as at the time of the arrest. An aggressive attorney could argue your case by presenting to the prosecutor that you have the legal right to possess the drug found in your custody. In a case where your attorney would want this claim to fly, you would need to present proof that the drug is intended for medical purposes since there is an exception to counter prosecution based on this fact.

The exact way that a prosecutor can make a case against you is if there is proof of possession of illicit substances, you will allow your attorney to do his or her job by finding a way to discredit any shred of proof in the court. Aggressive attorneys have been found to make convincing claims on lack of possession over the years, which can be your chance of escaping drug charges.

You might not need to panic at all if your lawyer can dismiss the case right in front of the prosecutor; in this case, your lawyer might need to discredit the basis for the suit in the first place. So, for instance, an unreasonable or illegal search and seizure would not fly in any court.

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