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I'm In Trouble, What Kind Of Lawyer Do I Need?

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Different trouble, different lawyers

To be perfectly frank, it depends on what type of trouble you are in. Not every lawyer can give proper and sound legal advice to every trouble you will ever have. You will have to find out what trouble you are under and find an appropriate lawyer to deal with. Finding the right lawyer for you will prevent you from getting legal advice that is not the best solution for whatever problem you have.

There are so many out there!

Yes unfortunately there are a lot of areas of expertise for legal practice. These specializations allow lawyers to better drum up a piece of sound legal consultation for their clients. By specializing in these areas of expertise enables lawyers to understand every possible legal situation regarding the area of expertise culminating in a better defense for their clients.

I don’t exactly know what kind of it is

Fortunately, that is what this list is for. We crafted this list exactly for people having the same problem as you. So read on, and understand each of the entries and then find the right people to help you with. Just understand that the list contains no legal advice and if you are in legal trouble, you should seek help from those legally capable to do so.

Administrative Law

Look for an administrative lawyer if you feel like a local, state or federal regulation affects your business and impacts it negatively. Administrative lawyers are the ones the government gets in contact with if they are going to implement new regulations, as such, it is only logical to go seek legal advice from one if a new local, state or federal regulation is the source for your trouble

Adoptions Law

Look for an adoptions lawyer if ever you are looking to adopt a human being. An adoptions lawyer can take care of everything in the process, preventing you from going through the hassle. That is if you can provide him or her proof that you are a competent enough parent and you will be able to take care of the human being properly.

Antitrust Law

Look for an antitrust lawyer if you own a business and you feel like some other company is trying to monopolize your industry by engaging in anticompetitive business practices. An antitrust lawyer can also represent you in corporate mergers to prevent you from getting the short side of a stick in a business deal.

Bankruptcy Law

Look for a bankruptcy lawyer if ever your business or corporation is going down. These bankruptcy lawyers may help you save some of your money before your business completely goes under. A bankruptcy lawyer can also apply your business for a bailout from the government if your business' bankruptcy affects the economy in any way.

Transactional Business Law

Look for a transactional business lawyer if you are running a business. They can help you with drafting and reviewing documents for your business license, filing business taxes, corporate mergers, and acquisitions and takeovers, corporate compliance, and managing your employees in general.

Civil Litigation Law

Look for a civil litigation lawyer if ever you want non-criminal legal issues resolved. This can be settlement and filing for alimony, personal injury, debt settlement, and discrimination. Civil litigation law is usually under some other area of expertise meaning you will not have a problem finding one.

Civil Rights Discrimination Law

Look for a civil rights discrimination lawyer if ever your civil rights are in contest. Your civil rights include but are not limited to:

· Freedom of speech

· Freedom to assembly

· Freedom to petition the government

· And your right to procedural process

Civil rights discrimination lawyers can help you if ever you feel that these rights of yours are being challenged.

Class Action Law

Look for a class action lawyer if you are a large group of people and need to be represented as one single entity. Class action lawyers can help with cases like discrimination against an entire group of people like race, religion, etc. Class action lawyers can also help if you are a group of employees suing the company you are working for and if you are a part of an indigenous tribe and you feel like your cultural heritage is being endangered.

Constitutional Law

A constitutional lawyer often works with a civil rights lawyer in cases that violates your constitutional rights. Go look for a constitutional lawyer if ever you feel that your rights are in any way being endangered.

Construction Law

Go look for a construction lawyer if ever you want to build something out of the ground. A construction lawyer will help with whatever you are building be local, state, and federal regulations compliant therefore preventing a costly mistake in the future.

Contracts Law

Look for a contracts lawyer if ever you are involved in a breach of contract with someone. A contracts lawyer can help the settlement of the breach with both parties.

Copyright or Trademark Law

Look for a copyright or trademark lawyer if the problem you are having is with copyrights or trademarks. Either you are being accused of copyright infringement or you are accusing someone, a copyright and trademark lawyer can assist you.

Corporate Law

Look for a corporate lawyer if ever you need advice on your day-to-day business operations. Corporate lawyers can also assist you with business mergers and can help you find out what your new business obligations are.

Creditor’s right law

Look for a creditor’s right lawyer if ever you need a debt collected. A creditor’s right lawyer can help your debt being settled peacefully and without legal repercussions.

Criminal Law

Look for a criminal lawyer if ever you need legal defense for a crime you are convicted of. From murders to DUI Attorney Sacramento can help you.

Custody issues law

Look for a custody issues lawyer if you want a settlement on custody of your kids with your partner. Custody issues lawyer helps settle custody issues that will be fair to both parties.

Cyberspace law

Look for a cyberspace lawyer if you need assistance with numerous and increasing cyberspace law that includes:

· Domain name infringement

· Regulations on online business

· Cyber libel

Divorce law

Look for a divorce lawyer if you are, of course, are divorcing or in the middle of divorcing your spouse.

Domestic relations law

Look for a domestic relations lawyer if you are having problems with your marital life. Nowadays domestic relations coverage is relegated to other areas of expertise such as divorce law, custody issues law, and sometimes civil litigation law.

DUI law

Nowadays DUI attorneys are often covered in criminal law therefore if you need help with DUI troubles you should be looking for a criminal lawyer instead.

Education law

Look for an education lawyer if your problems have to do with the education system problems such as student reforms, school governance, and special education.

Elder law

Look for an elder lawyer if your problems have to do with the laws for the elderly such as disability, tax questions, or guardianship. Elder lawyers are also the ones responsible for drafting last will testaments.

Employment Law

Look for an employment lawyer if ever you are wrongfully treated by an employer. Any mistreatment by an employer done to an employee is covered by the employment lawyer.

Environmental law

Look for an environmental lawyer for anything pertaining to the environment. If ever you are accused or your business of polluting the land or air you can hire the service of an environmental lawyer.

Estate planning law

Look for an estate planning lawyer if ever you want something divided equally. Estate planning can help you in dividing assets such as land, money, or last will testaments.

Family law

You should look for a family lawyer if you are experiencing problems with the family dynamic or are expecting a huge change with the family dynamic such as marriage, divorce, separation, and adoption.

Franchising law

You should look for a franchising lawyer if you are having problems with franchises of business or is planning to franchise one.

General practice law

If you cannot find an appropriate lawyer for your problem, you should look for a general practice lawyer. Oftentimes they can point you in the right direction and refer you to an appropriate lawyer for your troubles.

Government contract law

You should look for a government contract lawyer if the problem you are having is with government contracts granted to you or your company.

Healthcare law

Look for a healthcare lawyer if as a patient and you experience issues with your health insurance, disputes in your payment, or have experienced discrimination by the health care providers themselves.

Immigration Law

You should look for an immigration lawyer if you are having problems with your immigration status problems such as deportation and resident status investigations. You should also look for an immigration lawyer if you are looking to immigrate to the United States

Indian or Native American Law

If you are a Native American and are experiencing problems with regard to your Native American heritage, you should look for a Native American lawyer.

Never knew there were so many types of lawyers

Yes, there are. The good thing is that most private law firms and public defender’s office can accommodate with what trouble you are having. Their lawyers most probably are already trained in multiple areas so whatever kind of problem you are having they can certainly assist you with.

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