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Top 5 Secrets Of Effective Criminal Defense Attorneys

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Being an effective Criminal defense attorney is not easy and there are no easy shortcuts to it. Regardless if you’re trying to find ways to improve as a criminal defense attorney or if you’re looking for things to consider when finding your ideal criminal defense attorney, you’ll find this article quite the read. We’ll share with your all the things you need to know about the top 5 secrets of an effective criminal defense attorney.

They embrace rare cases

One thing or information that is probably new to us about effective and successful criminal defense attorneys is that they embrace or love to handle rare cases. Instead of preferring common and usual cases, they immediately entertain the not-so-ordinary or common cases whenever they can get their hands on one. Such cases provide them with the excitement to learn new things and also to challenge their skills and knowledge with a case that has never been dealt with before. Also, having to deal with rare cases further improves their position and name in the law industry and would enable them to acquire recognition.

An effective criminal defense attorney or lawyer will always accept new challenges since they see it as an opportunity to grow and also to make a huge contribution to society.

If you’re looking for the best criminal defense attorney that has a deep level of understanding of the law and is very eager to learn more, then an attorney with such eagerness for rare cases would be a great option.

Experience doesn’t always say it all

Unlike other jobs or professions, being experienced as an attorney or lawyer doesn’t immediately convert to being an effective one. Depending on the cases handled, an attorney can become effective or not. Many criminal defense attorneys prefer the usual cases and they handle them regularly, thus making them ineffective in other areas. When considering your ideal criminal defense attorney, check their records and their specializations. A lawyer with a decade of experience in handling various cases of different subjects is less significant to a lawyer with two- or three years’ experience in specific cases in a single subject.

Field of Expertise

Having mentioned experience on specific cases, every criminal defense attorney has his or her specific field of expertise. These fields can be broadened into four primary categories which include corporate crimes or white-collar crimes, drug crimes, violent crimes, and sex crimes. All attorneys will have a general knowledge about all these categories however not all will be equipped with the knowledge, skills as well as resources to entertain all cases. Usually, a criminal defense attorney will only focus on one category where they can devote all their effort, time, and finances in. Having to focus only on one field of expertise, a criminal defense attorney can acquire accurate and more sound knowledge in the field.


Aside from being respectful to the law, an effective criminal defense attorney is also respectful to everyone. In any kind of business, the customer always comes first. This is the same with the law-and-order industry – the client always goes first. An effective lawyer will always treat a client as a friend or even as a family who needs to be treated with importance and utmost care. it is important that lawyers understand the weariness and anxiety of their clients, and that they know how to address them carefully and positively. Going the extra mile for a client also gives them a feeling of reliability and trust for their attorney.

At the same time, an effective criminal defense lawyer also respects the opposing party. There should always be partiality when it comes to respecting - in and out of the courtroom. By being respectful, a criminal defense attorney not only builds trust from his or her client but also everyone else.

Loves his work

Last but not the least, an effective criminal defense attorney loves his work. Whenever a lawyer is passionate and satisfied with his or her work, he performs better and delivers positive results. An attorney that loves his work will devote most of his time and effort to what he does. He comes to work and meets up with clients and relevant parties on time, he’s always ready with the necessary papers and documents required for a case, he is well-versed with his particular field of expertise, he has a network of resources and references that can help him handle each case with ease, and many other capabilities.

If a criminal defense attorney is truly passionate about his work, he is always willing to go the extra mile without additional cost. With a solid passion for what he does, he becomes more equipped and reliable to handle cases anytime.

How to find your ideal criminal case attorney

Here are a few more tips and hints on how you can find your ideal criminal case attorney.

Finding in the right place

First of all, if you’re looking for your ideal criminal case attorney, you need to make sure you are looking from the right place. A good place to start looking from is from the state or local bar association which can be found in law offices and can also be bought online. Another is to ask acquaintances who have tried hiring one. Ask your network of friends if they have recommendations of lawyers that can help you with your specific case. Ask about the performance of the attorney and their feedback about his or her services.

Ask questions

In addition to finding your ideal lawyer from the right place, it is also important to ask the right questions to gauge their competency. The first thing that you can ask from your potential attorney is if the consultation is free and if you can afford their rates. Once you think that the rate is something that cannot be achieved with your current finances, it might be better to choose other lawyers with a more convenient rate. Also, ask about the tips mentioned earlier about the secrets of an effective criminal case lawyer. Ask their particular field of expertise, about their experience in handling specific cases and rare cases, and all the other qualities of an effective lawyer.

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