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If you have ever watched Prison Break La Casa de pape, better known as Money Heist or even Breaking Bad, you will be intrigued by the criminal minds. You will be amazed by the level of brilliance the criminal minds display on the T.V. series. The T.V series is mind-blowing; if you have never watched any of the T.V. series, take your time to watch even one of them; they won't disappoint. However, while the criminal minds in the T.V. series make us fall in love because of their intelligence, the next group of criminals will leave laughing out of their stupidity. So make sure to read the entire blog as we shall dive to the top dumb criminals in human history.

Edward Smith, Texas

First on our list of the top dumb criminals in human history is Edward Smith; what will you do if one morning you woke up and see a bunch of warrants for you on the internet? A clever criminal will probably skip town to avoid getting captured. However, in the case of Edward Smith, it was not the same. As a matter of fact, because of his strings of warrants, Edward Smith felt a sense of pride, and for him, it was an achievement. Instead of running, he called the local Texas police department to let them know about his whereabouts.

Rahim Wilson, Florida

We all hate paying the IRS; for a moment, if you got a chance to defraud the IRS, will you take it? If the answer is a yes, will you let the entire world know about your successful accomplishment? In the case of Rahia Wilson, she felt that the world had the right to see that she defrauded the IRS a total of 20 million. She shared her achievement and even called herself the Queen of IRS Tax Fraud. As the queen of IRS fraud, she is currently serving 21 years behind bars.

Chojnowski, Lancashire

Just imagine leaving your place in the morning untidy with unwashed dishes and dirty clothes everywhere on the floor, only to come back to find your house sparkly clean. To make matters even funnier, the bulgar is sleeping on your bed after getting exhausted while cleaning your place? Sounds funny right? The case happened in Lancashire, where Chojnowski, a burglar, was found sleeping on the bed of the house he came to rob. When asked why he did not leave after robbing the place, he said that the area was too untidy and felt that no human being should live in such conditions. Not only is he among the dumb criminals in the world but a funny one.

Mohammad Ashan,

What will you do if you work up in the morning only to discover that there is reward money for your capture or vital information that can lead to your capture? It would be best if you were Mohammad Ashan, our next person in the top dumb criminals in the world. Mohammad Ashan was an Afghan Taliban leader who presented himself to the police to collect the reward money for his capture. When he gave himself to the police, he asked for the $100 reward money, which left the officials in laughter.

Logan Paul

If you have watched, catch me if you can the ingenuity of the character played by Leonardo Di Caprio. Suppose you can learn a thing or two if you have the desire to enter the criminal mind. However, for Logan James, he has seen the movie as he kept tormenting Gwent Police Department on their Facebook page, writing Catch Me if You Can. Additionally, he pointed out that the police department was not doing enough to catch him as he was around his home. Twenty-four hours after his post, he was arrested near his home.

The Dangling Bulgar, China

What is the number one rule of conducting a successful burglar? Always have an escape plan, as evident from the numerous criminal mind Tv series. However, if you do not have a clear escape plan, you are bound to fail. Next on the list of dumb criminals takes to China, where a burglar was left hanging on the fifth-floor apartment window. The burglar was gone for 30 minutes before residences decided to remove him from his dangling position. Afterward, he was released to the police.

Samuel Evan Lake, New Zealand

Finally, on our list of the top dumb criminal in the world is Samuel Evan Lake. We have seen mugshots don't portray our best features from all of the mugshots we have seen, or unless you are Jeremy Ray Meeks, who became an internet sensation and a top model after his mugshot went viral. However, for the case of Samuel Evan Lake, he wanted a better mugshot. When the police posted his mugshot requesting the community's help to help know his whereabouts, Samuel Lake commented, asking for a better mugshot.

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